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Goodale's Bike Shop Group Rides:

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the 2017 shop rides and look forward to you joining us again for the 2018 season.

Until then ride safe and enjoy the holiday season.

Don't forget that we will be offering computrainer classes starting in October. Stay tuned for when you can register online for classes 

The 2018 group rides will be starting in April 2018.  It is Required that you wear a helmet, have a front head light and rear tail light in good working order and must be used during all rides!

2018 Start Dates: To Be Announced

  • Monday Night Rides: April 
  • Thursday Night Rides: April 
  • Women's Ride: May  

Here at Goodale's, we like to ride!  Join us for a ride sometime.Goodale's Group Rides are a great way to stay in shape, train for an upcoming event, and meet new friends.

Here are some general guidelines for ALL Goodale's Group Rides.

  • All Goodale's Group Rides are FREE of charge. Join us for the fun, and spread the word!
  • Front head light and rear tail light are required and must be used during all rides
  • Bring your bike (in good working condition), helmet (required), spare tube, water, and flat-repair tools. 
  • Road bikes are strongly recommended for on-road group rides.
  • Please arrive early to set up your bike before the ride.
  • Steady rain or thunderstorm will cancel a scheduled ride.  Our Facebook pages will have the most up to date info on Group Ride status.


You can view our group ride routes by store below!


A little friendly competition between stores never hurt, right?  Here's the weekly ride numbers from each store's STRAVA club.  Join your local club today!

2017 Group Rides - Nashua

Helmets, Front Head Lights and Rear Tail Lights are Required For All Rides and Must Be On During Rides. 

Below you find the routes we use for our Nashua shop rides.  Route will be announced on our Nashua Facebook Page by 2PM the day of the ride.  You can also call us the day of the ride after 2PM to find out which route we will be using.

Rides are rain or shine.  If we see lightning or hear thunder at ride time, we don't ride.

1 STAR - Very easy.  Little to no climbing and less than 25 miles
2 STARS - Easy.  Expect a few hills. Nothing too challenging, typically less than 800 feet total elevation gain.
3 STARS - Moderate.  Most rides are up to 30 miles and will see 800-1000ft of climbing.
4 STARS - Strenuous.  Definitely more than 1000ft of climbing and typically 30+ miles
5 STARS - Insanity.  'nuff said.

Route Name Distance Elevation Gain Max Elevation Map & Cue Sheet STRAVA .tcx FILE
MONUMENT SQUARE 20.1 mi 856 ft 402 ft 
BLAZING PITCHFORKS  30.3 mi  1609 ft  433 ft
NATICOOK 16.8 mi 768 ft 384 ft TCX Coming Soon!
BOSTON POST 23.0 mi 980 ft 380 ft
WHEELER 16.8 mi 818 ft 407 ft TCX Coming Soon!
SILVER LAKE 21.8 mi 1019 ft 407 ft
SOUHEGAN 24.1 mi 1013 ft 327 ft
BREAST CANCER AWARENESS RIDE (BCAR) 24.8 mi 1456 ft 389 ft
MOULTON'S MARKET 26.1 mi 1064 ft 372 ft
WILSON HILL 21.1 mi 1035 ft 384 ft TCX Coming Soon!
PEPPERELL COVERED BRIDGE 30.0 mi 1389 ft 406 ft
NORTH AMHERST RD 32.9 mi 1466 ft 406 ft
HARRY RICH STATE FOREST 34.2 mi 1664 ft 407 ft
MINION MILE RIDE 25.8 mi 1260 ft 384 ft
PEPPERELL OAK HILL 26.8 mi 1711 ft 435 ft
OLD MILFORD RD 30.5 mi 1901 ft 673 ft
WIL B CAR 31.0 mi 1787 ft 391 ft
MONT VERNON 35.29 mi 1982 ft 825 ft
CENTER ROAD 38.64 mi 2529 ft 906 ft TCX Coming Soon!
LYNDEBOROUGH 47.0 mi 2703 ft 897 ft
UNCANOONUC LITE 41.5 mi 2754 ft 1282 ft
UNCANOONUC 47.6 mi 3354 ft 1282 ft

DIRTY UNC - Caution, Dirt Roads!

47.9 mi

3369 ft

1282 ft

2017 Group Rides - Hooksett

Helmets, Front Head Lights and Rear Tail Lights are Required For All Rides and Must Be On During Rides. 

Rides will start March 22, 2017 - 5:30PM Rollout

Newcomers welcome. The rides are for the advanced beginners to intermediate road riders. Show and go rides. All rides will be 12 to 35 miles at a leisurely to moderate pace and social in nature. Focus will be on rules of the road, how to ride in a paceline, group ride etiquette and bike handling skills. Distances and pace will be discussed by the group and routes determined by the group prior to the ride. Distances may vary week to week. This is a no drop ride. Meaning that we wait at turns to make sure no one is dropped. Bring hydration, your bike, water, tube and a helmet.. Some routes have a store to stop at and some do not. 


Route Name Distance Elevation Gain Max Elevation Map & Cue Sheet STRAVA .tcx FILE Difficulty
DUBES POND 14.5 mi 613 ft 528 ft TCX Coming Soon!
CHARMINGFARE FARM 17.3 mi 745 ft 705 ft TCX Coming Soon!
EPSOM CIRCLE 31.0 mi 727 ft 377 ft TCX Coming Soon!
MASSABESIC LOOP 19.4 mi 769 ft 562 ft TCX Coming Soon!
CONCORD PANCAKE 36.8 mi 1082 ft 600 ft TCX Coming Soon!
LIVINGSTON LOOP 14.3 mi 520 ft 454 ft TCX Coming Soon!
HACKETT HILL TO DUNBARTON 19.0 mi 1201 ft 603 ft
HACKETT 2.0 23.4 mi 1539 ft 823 ft
BEAR BROOK LOOP 31.1 mi 1235 ft 704 ft TCX Coming Soon!
SUNCOOK ALLENSTOWN 21.2 mi 985 ft 389 ft
HACKETT HILL 24.0 mi 1277 ft 848 ft TCX Coming Soon!
TOWER HILL 23.1 mi 1083 ft 705 ft TCX Coming Soon!
OUT TO THE FARM AND BACK 25.3 mi 1253 ft 440 ft TCX Coming Soon!
CROSS COUNTY LOOP 29.5 mi 1386 ft 696 ft
DESTROYER ROUTE 25.5 mi 1415 ft 429 ft
PATTEN HILL TO PALMER 25.0 mi 1767 ft 556 ft
UNCANOONUC - SHORT 27.2 mi 1784 ft 903 ft
UNCANOONUC - HOOKSETT 32.1 mi 2693 ft 1229 ft

2017 Group Rides - Concord

Helmets, Front Head Lights and Rear Tail Lights are Required For All Rides and Must Be On During Rides. 

TUESDAY - Temporarily delayed. Ride leaders wanted. If you are intterested please email

All rides depart at 6:00pm unless otherwise posted on our Facebook Page This is an UNSUPPORTED ride, however the route will be announced on our Facebook page, and cue sheets will be available at the store for all riders.  Please use the sign-in/sign-out sheet inside the store so we know everyone has made it back safely.


Route Name Distance Elevation Gain Max Elevation Map & Cue Sheet STRAVA Difficulty
SHAKER ROAD 14.5 mi 613 ft 528 ft
OAK HILL 17.1 mi 500 ft 571 ft
HOPKINTON 25.8 mi 1134 ft 666 ft
N.PEMBROKE RD BACK SIDE 16.9 mi 969 ft 756 ft
N.PEMBROKE RD FRONT SIDE  20.0 mi 1060 ft 758 ft
SHAKER VILLAGE 28.2 mi 837 ft 638 ft
TDF 100 37.6 mi 1762 ft 957 ft


14B Broad St
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TEL: (603) 882-2111


1197 Hooksett Rd
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TEL: (603) 644-2111


19 Triangle Park Dr
Concord, NH 03301
TEL: (603) 225-5111


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