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Goodale's Bike Shop presents the 2nd Annual GBS Challenge GPS race.  The GBS Challenge is a cumulative, 4-day SOLO cycling challenge taking place on familiar routes in the Nashua area where riders will complete four unique stages, exclusively solo, report their data via GPS or Smartphone to Strava, and receive a ranking.  Each stage must be ridden within the prescribed time frame (48 hours), on the prescribed course.  Daily and General Classification rankings will be posted on Strava.

Men's and Women's categories will be separated by age group:

Men 29 & Under    Women 29 & Under
Men 30 - 39    Women 30 - 39
Men 40 - 49    Women 40 - 49
Men 50 - 59    Women 50+
Men 60+

Click for 2013 GBS Challenge results

I'm not really a racer, I just ride for fun.
Ever sprinted through a yellow light?  Ever tried to catch someone up the road?  Check your times against the last time you rode the same route?  Cycling almost always gets the competitive juices flowing, and the GBS Challenge is a perfect way to see how you stack up.  Race at your convenience, without the added pressure of the media, team cars, soigneurs, doping regimens, etc.

What do I need to participate?
A bike, a helmet, a GPS enabled device to record your ride (smartphone, Garmin Edge, etc) and a free STRAVA membership.

How much will this cost me?
A measly $10!  The money will go towards the overall winner's cash prizes, 50% of which will be donated to the charity of their choice.

 This year, we are excited to announce that we will be using STRAVA to administer the race standings!

What is STRAVA?
Strava is free to use! Record your runs and rides with your smartphone or Garmin Edge or Forerunner.  Sync with the Strava website and and compare your results with your previous efforts or with riders in the area!  For the purposes of the GPS race, segments (the daily stages) will be created the day of the stage, and results will automatically be populated as racers complete the stage.  At the end of the 48 hour period, final results will be tabulated.

Do I have to join STRAVA to participate?
Yes.  This will streamline the submission process for each racer's ride.  STRAVA is a free service for our purposes.  The premium service is not required to participate.

How do I join STRAVA?
Simple, click here to sign up!  In addition to joining STRAVA, we suggest joining the Goodale's Bike Shop STRAVA Club.  


The Stages

Below are the four stages shown as STRAVA segments.  They are currently 'private' to keep the leaderboards clean.  To view the actual stage, click the 'Cue Sheet' link below each graphic.  You must be logged in to STRAVA to view the cue sheets.  Stages will be unlocked 24 hours prior to its respective start date so that gpx files can be downloaded for guidance.

Stage 1: Wheeler
July 10 & 11
9.2 Miles
460 Feet Elevation Gain
Cue Sheet
Stage 2: Dirty Unc
July 12 & 13
12.6 Miles
1886 Feet Elevation Gain
Cue Sheet
Google Earth Flyover of Stage 2!

Stage 3: Wilson's Revenge
July 14 & 15
9.5 Miles
569 Feet Elevation Gain
Cue Sheet
Stage 4: Rte 13 - The Race of Truth
July 16 & 17
7.8 Miles
298 Feet Elevation Gain
Cue Sheet


All rules of the road must be followed.

  • Must ride solo (no drafting or pacelines; “Group Doping”).
  • No road vehicle drafting (Transportation Doping).
  • Participation based on waiver confirmation.
  • Stage must be ridden on the given route during the given dates.
  • Optimizing weather conditions is acceptable (Weather Doping).
  • Road bikes must be used without aero bars or disk wheels (Aero Doping).
  • Stages must be started and finished at the prescribed locations.
  • Riders who choose to skip a stage will receive the slowest time of the category plus 5 seconds for each rider who rode the stage

In order to be ranked, you must record your ride via the Strava app on your GPS enabled smartphone, or a Garmin GPS unit.

The day's stage will be created as a 'segment' on STRAVA at the beginning of the 48 hour period.  As riders complete the stage and sync with Strava, the overall results will populate.