Always on Front and Rear lights, day and night

 Always on follows the footsteps of the auto industry which requires  all vehicles to be equipped with Day Time Lights, which has  proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of collisions by 33%.  80% of cycling accidents happen during the day and the accident  rate can be significantly decreased if a cyclist uses a daytime  flashing headlight and tail light which can be seen from a distance  of at least 400 meters i.e. a quarter of a mile away. Today, LED  rechargeable lights are affordable and convenient to use. Goodale’s Bike Shop carries a wide selection of lights from Trek, Nite Rider, and Lezyne.  

"B" = Biomotion

  Highlight your body’s moving parts

  The brain has identified ways of protecting itself, beginning with its uncanny ability to recognize a biological form with only a few clues to the form’s shape. In other words,     we’re really good at seeing ourselves. This isn’t something that needs to be taught— it is an  instinctual perceptual phenomenon called “sensitivity to      biomotion.”

On a bike, the unique up and down pedaling motion is what makes you recognizable as human. At night, highlight your feet, ankles, and legs with products that feature reflective materials. During daylight, wear fluorescent socks, shoes, covers, or warmers. Again research has proven that by wearing fluorescent apparel on their hands, feet and legs cyclist are 83% more visible. 


Choose the right gear for day and night

Visibility relies on contrast. By refers to wearing apparel that makes you standout It has been proven that wearing fluorescent clothing during the day can reduce the rider’s risk of an incident by as much as 53%.  Mistakenly many cyclists wear this fluorescent clothing at night and feel they are being seen. Unfortunately, testing proves that the fluorescent clothing which is more visible during the day does not enhance visibility at night. Night-time cycling requires reflective materials. This can be affordably achieved by using a reflective vest, leg straps or wearing cycling clothing with reflectivity. Studies indicate a night-time rider wearing the proper reflective gear is 72% more noticeable.

So this brings us to the conversation we have with many of our customers when we suggest they should be riding with lights.  They reply, “I don’t ride at night so I don’t need lights”. The facts presented indicate we can improve our chances of safer cycling, whether during the day or night, by simply following the ABC of Visibility.  At Goodale’s Bike Shop we are concerned for ever rider’s safety so please visits us to check out ways you can make you, family members and loved one's safer cyclists.