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Tyler’s Dynamic Suspension Tune Service

The goal of suspension is one thing, “traction”. If your suspension is NOT set up correctly, you will be losing traction and may not feel comfortable on your bike. Knowing all the different adjustments your suspension has can be a lot to play with. Rebound Damping is how fast your suspension returns after being compressed. This will make sure your wheel doesn’t skip off irregularities in the trail, and keeps traction as it rolls over rough sections. Compression Damping is how easily your suspension starts to compress. This helps control rider input and support through the mid stroke of the suspension. Both of these adjustments greatly affect the ride.


Most people leave their suspension how their bike shop set it up for them initially. At Goodale’s, we take our time getting the pressure correct first, then set the rebound damping to a “Safe Zone”. This means that your rear shock returns a bit slower than your fork. Stiffer springs usually require more rebound damping to slow down the return of the suspension, so there is never a set number.


We encourage riders to make an appointment for a dynamic tuning after picking up their bike. The Dynamic Tune tests your suspension in a real-world scenario. We will have you ride the same descent over and over again, each time changing one adjustment until we find a window of adjustments for you to stay in. This service is a must for anyone getting a new mountain bike and wants to optimize their suspension performance. You’ll leave with a better understand of how an optimal suspension setup can improve your ride.


Fee for the Dynamic Tune is $100 and set up by appointment only with Tyler O’Brien.


Contact Info for Tyler:

Goodales Bike Sho p603-882-2111